Without You

Without You

     Rather than mince around the subject, I’ll just come out and admit that the scarred/damaged woman is a large part of me. So, rather inevitably, it tends to pop up as one of the recurring themes in my personal work.

     Before I came up with the Hermione-centric Harry Potter-based stuff I’ve been working on lately, I had an idea for a Kim Possible: Agent of SHIELD story. Using events from around Civil War and Brian K. Vaughan’s most excellent comic Runaways, I was going to pull Kim into the Marvel Universe proper.

     The other night, I was listening my Emo Playlist in iTunes and I got inspired to draw this. I’m hoping to revisit this idea at some point in the future and move it forward, perhaps after I get Love in Wartime rolling.

     Oh, and I know that technically the patch on her shoulder is the movie/Earth-1610 SHIELD logo despite my intention to put her into the mainstream Marvel universe. I just like it better than the old-school, Earth-616 eagle logo.