You’ll be seeing him around making posts on the blog, and plenty of references to him in mine, so I figured I might as well give Joe an about page as well.

Name: Joe Guendert
Age: 26
Location: Connecticut
Interests: Comics, science fiction, sentai – not to be confused with hentai, which is also cool but a completely different animal – Apple computers, and mocking people who do not have Apple computers.
Education: I got a high school diploma. Does that count for anything anymore?
Experience: A million and a quarter words written over eight years, not including edits, rewrites, and stuff that’s never made it to the posting box.
     My grandmother pooled money with my mother to get me my first 35mm SLR before I entered high school. Before that, I’d used my mother’s or my grandfather’s as well as them. My sister got me into working with her on ideas and then working out some of my own ideas as paper since it quickly became abundantly clear that she inherited all the art genes that weren’t related to being behind a camera. I post my fanfic over on Twisting the Hellmouth where I also inspire terror in the little monsters that think the rules don’t apply to them, and my photos over in my gallery at DeviantArt. And… yeah. That’s me in a nutshell, folks. Stop reading this and go look at the actual blog.