While nothing is hard and fast when it comes to pricing for my art, I do have a rough set of guidelines that I use for pricing each piece. And since everyone asks and I want them somewhere easy to find and easier for me to update as needed…

  • Two-step character turnaround (front, back, and two head shots): $75
  • Bust shot (from the ribcage up): $50
  • Full character piece (includes one fully colored character with minor bg): $60
  • Each additional character: +$15/character
  • Fully rendered background: +$15
  • Sexually explicit images: +$15

One of the things I get asked about most often is the sexually explicit image surcharge, why it’s there, and what qualifies for it. To make things incredibly simple… I am a working girl. No, not that kind of working girl. I have a job. I also go to school. In order to keep things moving smoothly and get pieces out in a decent amount of time, I often bring my pad with me and work on pieces on the go. I can’t really do that with adult pieces for obvious reasons, which forces me to fit them into specific – and small – pieces of my day. Which in turn hamstrings other people’s commissions because it’s the same windows of time I need for inking and coloring them. So while I don’t mind doing it – or the pieces – it’s basically compensation for the fact that I am having to upend my schedule to get your commission done. As to what qualifies for it? Take a look at your idea and ask yourself this: if I was sitting on my laptop at Starbucks and a random customer saw this on my screen, would I feel awkward? If the answer is yes, you’ll probably be asked to pay that fee.