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More busts! I’ve posted a few of these in the past, but some slipped through the cracks. Time to fix that. Starting off, we have three different Black Widow-themed characters… none of them Natasha. On the left is Alexis NicConstantín, codename Redback, from @joehundredaire‘s quirky fic Óg Dìolairean. Then come Brittany Pierce and Fox Leigh from Red, White, and Blue, examining the possibility of “what would have happened if more than one person dressed as the same person in Buffy’s Halloween episode where people got turned into their costumes?”. Next row is Janet Pym II from that same fic, next to Dawn van Dyne from Joe’s obligatory entry to the Buffy fandom’s “Buffy is Dawn’s mother, who’s the father?” genre. Third row includes a teenage Lady Loki from that same story, and then MCU-styled versions of Lady Loki and Amora that are being used in at least a half-dozen of his stories. And then since we’re running out of room… the fourth row will wrap things up with Wanda Leyshon and Lorna Deane, the reimagined versions of classic Marvel characters for Harry Potter and the Wand of Uru.

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Children of Asgard collab

I’ve recently had a number of artists ask about trying their hand at inking and/or coloring one of my pieces. After posting the pencils for the piece I had open in Photoshop at the time (literally; I saved out what I was working on after reading one of the requests, uploaded the JPG to a site, and linked people), the first person has come back with their version of my piece.

Valkyrie, Torunn, and Amora

I have to say that it’s definitely interesting to see something I sketched out taken to the next level by another person. I never realized how much of myself and my intentions I continue to imbue into a piece through the inks and even on into the colors. All this artist (and the world at large) got from me was a link and a go ahead, without any background information on the piece, and so what came out definitely looks… different… than I was planning to make my final version. Not different in a bad way, mind you. Just different.

If you want to toss the inker a comment, the piece is available on DeviantArt, and more art by andrei-818 can be seen in his gallery.