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Little something I’m working on that’s going to end up a series of images and maybe a little bit of fic.

Hope y’all will enjoy.

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So, perfect timing for once!
One of my regulars requested Janet and Cassie doing something holiday oriented, and as I’m a sucker for decorating, here we go.

Loves to all, and I wish everyone happy holidays, and thank you again for all your support.

So, yeah! I did a Halloween thing!

With everyone in the house, and on Tumblr, losing their shit over Mercy’s new witch skin, I decided a little naughty bit was in order.
I hope you all like! ❤

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A $10 commission (well, technically two that were combined) for one of my Patreon regulars.

Here we have Kalifa having her way with Domino. I’m thinking Domino is enjoying the humiliation.

Art © Me
Domino & Kalifa © Eiichiro Oda

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So this month I got a new $25 tier patron, and they pretty much let it be “artist’s choice” on their reward. So, I did D.Va!

I’m still hooked on Overwatch. Which is sad.

Also, the GF is pretty much D.Va incarnate, so I kinda felt that I had to draw her at some point.

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A fun little Patreon commission I did for one of my regulars. 

Figured it’d be fun to mix a couple of my favorite things. Pokemon and X-Men.

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Okay, so. Been working on my fun little porny fic, and felt like drawing a scene from the chapter I’m working on (tho, not 100% accurate, I just wanted to draw the “traditional” Psylocke ninja suit).
I’m probably going to start posting the chapters starting in October.

To answer a few questions;
No, it doesn’t take place in any Marvel Universe
Yes, you’ll probably recognize a lot of characters.
And, it’s part of a fanfic tradition about Halloween going awry.

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Why is it so easy to draw someone else’s OC than your own.

Anyway, I doodled out @mooncalfe‘s Shadoweyes from the comic of the same name.

Sophie’s awesome, she and her her stories are pretty inspirational to me.

A little Pharmercy goodness I did for a patron last month.

Steven 19 + Connie 11