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Xander’s Angels – Rebekah Drew

Here’s a piece that we recently posted on Deviant Art; it’s a portrait of a character from my story Trigamy named Rebekah Drew. As the little image below states. Yes, Rebekah Drew. I know there’s a Jessica Drew. I’m not mistaken, contrary to what some readers initially thought. They are related, though.


Great Lakes Avengers, Stage 3

Another… slightly more than a week, another stage in the project. I’ve had to hide the wireframes for the positions of everyone not done yet because there are actually a bunch of girls in various states of completion. But since it’d be unfair to Lexi to show them off at bizarre, in-between stages, I’m just going to limit the picture to the two fully completed girls: Cassie Lang from last time, and now Rebekah Drew:

Great Lakes Avengers, Stage 3

Great Lakes Avengers, Stage 3

I mentioned the existence of Rebekah Drew – among other unfamiliar names – back when we showed off Stage 2. And, much like in Stage 2, I’m going to reveal a bit more about her now that she’s here for you to see and I won’t be spoiling anything. Rebekah is an original character from the Trigamyverse, whose origins date back to a 2006 story of mine (the original Trigamy) and has been fleshed out significantly since then. She goes by the moniker Spider-Girl when in costume, and is the genetic off-spring of Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Jessica Drew, and Julia Carpenter. More specifically, Mary Jane is her biological mother, with Jessica and Julia as her paternal grandparents and a destroyed embryo made from a fusion of their DNA as Rebekah’s ‘father’. She has a mix of powers from both Spider-Woman – Jessica and Julia’s powers overlap significantly, and then I picked and chose a handful of unique powers from each woman – and wears a costume similar to the stealth costume Peter Parker employs in the ‘Big Time’ event. You see it in blue here and red in another piece. She actually serves as a strangely maternal character to the others in my story; the ‘strangely’ is there because she’s also one of the most off-the-wall and sexual of the characters as well.

Coming soon… Madison van Dyne. Be there!

Great Lakes Avengers, Stage 2

With great art comes great numbers of people competing for Lexi Time. Thankfully, we’ve managed to get a bit more done on the Great Lakes Avengers poster project, namely taking one of the seven characters all the way from wireframe to colors. She was kinda important, since she’s either behind or under three of the six others:

Great Lakes Avengers, Stage 2

Great Lakes Avengers, Stage 2

Now that there’s some detail visible for one of them, I don’t mind giving away some details about what we’re doing. Our giant girl is Cassandra “Cassie” Lang, who switches from Stature to Ant-Girl when she moves from the Young Avengers to the Great Lakes Avengers in the Trigamyverse. This is actually her third costume over the course of the series: she starts out in the canon costume that we saw her wearing at the end of the Young Avengers miniseries on into appearances in other books, transitions to a second costume while still using the codename Stature, and then moves on to this design after a trip to England to meet with Doctors Pym and van Dyne. Yeah, this version of Janet van Dyne actually has a halfway decent education. Kinda like Earth-1610, except actually applied in a useful manner.

Since I’m feeling super nice… anyone wanna know who else is in the picture with her? Let’s see. There’s… Rebekah “Bekah” Drew perched up there on Cassie’s knee. Madison van Dyne is off to the right. Then, running right to left moving off away from Cassie on the other side? The red stick figure will be Katherine “Kate” Bishop, followed by Dawn Summers, and Felicity Hardy-Parker. Who are they? And who is that seventh, dark green figure on the right? Well, I can’t give away everything so soon, now can I?

Great Lakes Avengers, Stage 1

Hello, everybody. You may have seen my icon on a few of Lexi’s DA postings or heard her reference me; my name is Joe – alienyouthct on DeviantArt – and I’m her all-purpose coconspirator, muse, sounding board, and menial laborer. A large part of what will show up here is stage-by-stage work of pieces she does either for my fan fiction or just to amuse the two of us, since those are the ones I understand best and can explain. After all, I’m the king of the keyboard while she prefers to do her work with the tablet’s stylus. Rather than attempting to backtrack and deconstruct one of her recent pieces, we’re going to go step-by-step and document how she gets from that big empty white expanse in Photoshop to the pieces you all comment on when you visit her DeviantArt account using our newest collaborative project:

GLA Poster Stage 1

GLA Poster Stage 1

As the post title promises and the logo in the upper right confirms, it’s… well, the Great Lakes Avengers. Assembling. Each of the characters was done in a different color to help differentiate them at a casual glance. Apart from that… well, um, there’s seven of them? The leader has a shield. One of them is pretty honking big? And there’s a spider-person. Sorry, no spoilers until the next installment of this series at the earliest. But don’t worry. There will be more stages of this shown off here. Probably more than you want to see. It’ll be fun though! Promise!