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One of my $10 regulars will combine two month’s commissions and ask for a twofer.

This particular one was for Asami to top Korra. I had the idea that after everything, and now that Asami is the CEO of Sato Industries would need Korra to help her unwind after a long day of dealing with stuffed shirts.



Amanda thought I was joking when I first told her that I wanted to stick a GoPro to her for a convention. Boy, was she wrong…

I met these two last year when I was running an Artist Colony booth at ConnectiCon and somehow, they’ve managed to get even more adorable in the past year.

So, I may have talked joehundredaire into getting Janet Varney to sign my drawing of Korra & Asami.


Morning Warm-up piece. I noticed pixie-cut Korra going around and I added a firefighter spin on this one.

Sooo… Korra…


Korrasami cuddles from the Multistream. <:


Korra being swag from Picarto Stream.

Sooo yeah, here we go.

I wanted to make Korra a little more Inuit looking, and all.

Figured this is just Korra getting ready to introduce her new wife to her parents.


Korra stahp!

*fans herself* 


I’m sorry, Korra…
I can’t help but tear up inside…

Seeing what you’ve been through…
Seeing you like this…
I know you’re the Avatar…


You shouldn’t have to suffer like this.
You shouldn’t have to bear all this burden.

If only I could share it with you.


asami bout to give korra a bj

just kidding im so funny