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Employee Evaluation

One of my regulars gave me a few different options for this month. One of them involved MCU Hela, and after watching the fantastic Thor: Ragnarok, I had to draw Hela with Valkyrie.

Granted, in Marvel’s stuff, Valkyries don’t serve Hela the way they do in the Edda, but hey, I love the title.

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Children of Asgard collab

I’ve recently had a number of artists ask about trying their hand at inking and/or coloring one of my pieces. After posting the pencils for the piece I had open in Photoshop at the time (literally; I saved out what I was working on after reading one of the requests, uploaded the JPG to a site, and linked people), the first person has come back with their version of my piece.

Valkyrie, Torunn, and Amora

I have to say that it’s definitely interesting to see something I sketched out taken to the next level by another person. I never realized how much of myself and my intentions I continue to imbue into a piece through the inks and even on into the colors. All this artist (and the world at large) got from me was a link and a go ahead, without any background information on the piece, and so what came out definitely looks… different… than I was planning to make my final version. Not different in a bad way, mind you. Just different.

If you want to toss the inker a comment, the piece is available on DeviantArt, and more art by andrei-818 can be seen in his gallery.