Name: Alexis Kimble
Age: 36
Location: The craphole that is Ohio
Interests: Comics, Animation, RPGs, bondage, all things smooth and shiny
Artistic Influences: Adam Hughes, Ryan Sook, Terry Dodson
Education: MA in Art History/Fine Art (Ohio State University), working on BA in Graphic Design

  • Several pinups for Slave Labor, Calibur & Antarctic Press
  • 31 Days of Horror, Panadmonium Comix
  • Janus Project, Pandamonium Comix

     As a little girl, my uncle got me hooked on comics. He gave me his worn copy of Ghost Rider #1 and Man-Bat #2, and from that point on I was hooked. I remember running around in my Wonder Woman Underoos, with my Magic Lasso made of gold yarn. Yeah, I’m a geek.
     Time marched on, and I became more and more involved in comics. After being discouraged with the standard line of ‘girls don’t do comics’, I gave up on my dream of being a comic book artist. I went to college and studied art at Ohio State University, and felt like all I was ever going to do would be traditional art.
     Until that fateful day when I met Adam Hughes and David Mack at the Mid-Ohio Comic Con. They showed me that you cannot give up on your dreams. So I’ve redoubled my efforts and I know in my heart, that some day I will become a pro artist.